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Texas Attorney for Opposing Permit Applications

Protecting Your Property from Pollution and Waste Disposal

Like all states, Texas has laws in place to protect certain areas and people from the activities of others. Zoning laws, for example, shield neighborhoods from commercial and industrial development. But this legislative infrastructure is not always perfect, and you have additional rights to ensure the place you live or work is free from the disruptive or harmful actions of others.

Texas allows residents to not simply apply for water, air, and waste permits, but to participate in the permit process for other entities. By raising concerns at hearings or sending comments to environmental agencies, you can advocate for your needs and concerns. At McPherson Law Firm PLLC, we represent clients on both sides of permit disputes and enforcement actions, and our multi-faceted perspective allows us to provide you with the insightful counsel and strategic representation you need.

If a neighboring landowner or entity is applying for a permit that could adversely affect your property or business, we are here to help. Call (214) 722-7096 to get in touch with our environmental lawyer in Dallas today.

Participating in the Texas Permit Process

When a Texas individual or company wants to dispose of waste or other pollutants, they need to obtain an air or waste permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

When the TCEQ receives the completed application, it opens the proposal to the public, which may involve notifying:

  • Local schools
  • Health authorities
  • Landowners in nearby areas
  • The mayor, county judge, senator, and representative in the area

During this open period, the public can submit comments or request a hearing to oppose the permit. This open period occurs a second time after the proposal undergoes technical review. While the TCEQ does not usually reject permit applications, it often adjusts the above factors in response to objections from the public.

Your involvement in this permit process may affect:

  • Whether the applicant can build a facility
  • How the facility can operate
  • How the applicant must monitor the facility
  • How much pollution the facility can release

Let Us Help You Advocate for Your Peace of Mind

At McPherson Law Firm PLLC, we understand what it takes to advocate for a resident’s rights when a neighboring company applies for an air or waste permit. We believe you should be able to expect a clean, healthy, and peaceful living or working environment, and the permit opposition process is often a successful means of preserving that ­space.

Get started with your permit opposition process by contacting McPherson Law Firm PLLC at (214) 722-7096 today.

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